Navigating the platform: How do I…?

How do I…?

In this guide we’ll answer some of the common questions you may have when using the platform. If you cannot find the answer you’re looking for or need any help please email

Edit my Profile

You can edit your Profile details anytime from your Dashboard. To go to your Dashboard select the graduation cap icon on the top right of the page:

Then select Edit Profile from your Dashboard page:


You can then upload a photo and add your personal profile to share. 

Find the details of a live session and the zoom link

You can find details of the date, time and the zoom link for the live workshop sessions under the Live Workshop Details and session recording lesson under each Core Module

 Details for Advance Modules and Founders Thursday live sessions are listed after the Core 8 Modules:

Dates, times and zoom links can also be found in the Calendar lesson.

See my course progression: completing a lesson

As you work your way through the course, once you have finished each lesson you can mark it is as Complete

At the end of each lesson page you will see the green button giving you the option to do this:


You can see which lessons have not been completed by looking at the lesson list. If the circle to the left of the lesson is showing as white it has not been marked as Completed. Those lessons marked with Completed now show a check mark and in a green circle

You can see from your Dashboard what % of the course you have completed here:

In order to pass the course and gain your certificate you should complete all the lessons in the Core Modules.

Complete an Assignment and upload a Submission

Each of the Core Modules has an assignment which needs to be completed and submitted. You will see the assignment listed as a lesson under each Core Module 

The assignments are based on what you learnt in the Monday half day workshop session for that module. 

Once you have completed the assignment and saved your file(s), upload the file(s) in the upload assignments section.

We recommend that you complete the assignment shortly after the Monday workshop so all the learning remains fresh.  Assignments will be reviewed by the following Monday and points awarded if completely correctly as shown by the green button below.

Note that the Wednesday Advanced Modules sessions do not have assignments.