Module Overview

How to Survive and Thrive The Start Up Journey

To Scale Your Business You Must Scale Yourself

Business is a human enterprise, driven and determined by people. People are the most important asset and it all starts with you, the founder. Your own growth, as the founder, will act as an accelerant or a drag on the the growth of the business. 

Knowing yourself or self-awareness is the foundation of being a great entrepreneur. If you know your true purpose, how you want to behave and act day to day, how to play to your strengths, how to mitigate your weaknesses, how to manage your ego, how to handle the stress, to understand how others see you and what impact you have on others – you are much likely to be able to master the skills necessary for high performance and ultimately success.

The best leaders understand how to lead and manage themselves first.

“Self-awareness is the meta-skill of the twenty-first century… the qualities most critical for success in today’s world – things like emotional intelligence, empathy, influence, persuasion, communication, and collaboration – all stem from self-awareness.”

Dr Tasha Eurich: Insight – How To Succeed By Seeing Yourself


In this workshop we will cover:

  1. To scale your business you must scale yourself first
  2. Better energy management is the key to sustainable success
  3. Knowing yourself – why it’s so important for your and your company’s success,
  4. Introduction to the YouTar Canvas – the framework to accelerate your self-awareness
  5. Why purpose is so important and find out how to discover it 
  6. Answering the million or billion dollar question – can you predict entrepreneurial success? And if you can, how likely are you to succeed?


This workshop will help you:

  • Understand the importance of managing your energy and where your  deficits lie
  • Learn the fundamentals of the Johari Window– the tool that helps you better understand your relationship with yourself and others
  • Overview of the YouTar Canvas – the self-awareness framework which will help discover what you need to know about yourself to succeed
  • Gain insights into how to find your purpose and understand how purpose is an accelerator which fuels success and growth
  • Discover what aptitudes and motivations are correlated to startup and scale up success and how well matched you are against those benchmarks
  • Overview of the Fingerprint for Success benchmarking and coaching tool 
  • Appreciation of how well set you are for the startup and scale up journey through the debrief of your Fingerprint for Success results
  • Kick-start your unique personal and professional development action plan.


Accelerate your internal and external self-awareness so that you can deliberately and more consciously grow and develop yourself ahead of the growth of your businesses. 

Module Leads

Mark Farrer-Brown

Mark Farrer-Brown

Founder, Fit to Lead

Mark is a coach and mentor for entrepreneurs and the founder of Fit to Lead. Having experienced the entrepreneurial journey from all perspectives – as an entrepreneur, director, mentor, coach and investor, Mark is uniquely placed to help entrepreneurs survive and thrive as they go on the rollercoaster ride.

Mark supports and challenges Founders through Fit to Lead’s holistic approach to discover their true potential and become great CEOs who are built to last. 

Mark is also a business angel and have invested in over 60 companies in the UK, US and India. 

Jonathan Bannister

Jonathan Bannister

Founder, Strategist and Facilitator at Make Happy

With 25 years of experience working with individuals and teams from start-ups to FTSE 100 companies in both Europe and Asia, Jonathan facilitates a wide range of approaches to help clients develop innovative solutions grounded in strategic insights.

Jonathan helps entrepreneurs, business leaders and their teams exploit their creativity and collective intelligence to strengthen their business models, marketing and innovation programmes and organisational development.