Complete Week 8 Assignment

Create Your Pitch

25 points
Due: June 8, 2023 9:00 PM

Harnessing everything you have learnt in the previous modules, try to complete the Investor Pitch Canvas using the template provided. You can either download the template below or go to the page in Conceptboard we used on Monday (sign in as a guest).

When you pitch you need to grab the investor’s attention and as we talked about in the presentation you can do that using storytelling techniques. But before you get into the story telling we recommend you summarise your business in one sentence.

A sentence which concisely and clearly describes the core elements of your idea.

For example:

“Our company, Fit & Happy, is developing a training, coaching and mentoring program to help first-time entrepreneurs create and launch their businesses in the UK using a multimedia delivery platform that maximises engagement and learning.”

Please have a look at this article and video from the Founder Institute for further guidance – Startup Madlibs: Perfecting Your One Sentence Pitch.

A strong opening sentence will be useful if you are doing a one minute, 5 minute or 60 minute presentation.

Also don’t forget to read Mark’s latest blog:

5 Influencing Techniques To Get People To Invest In You | Fit To Lead 

Assignment Instructions

Upload TWO documents below:

Your completed Investor Pitch Canvas

If you have begun to prepare slides for your pitch deck, upload them here