Complete Week 2 Assignment

How to Survive and Thrive The Start Up Journey


25 points
Due: May 11, 2023 9:00 PM

The goal with the assignment this week is to accelerate both your internal and external self-awareness. It is a time to gather new information and to self-reflect on the various questions in the Purpose Discovery Worksheet we have asked you to complete. The goal is to get a clearer understanding of yourself, where you want to go, what contribution and impact you want to make.

The Strengths Profile report will give you insight into what strengths you are using as well as ones you could be using more of (i.e. your unrealised strengths). It will also highlight strengths you have perhaps overplayed and/or de-energise you if you use them too much.

1. Complete the Purpose Discovery Worksheet

2. Complete the Strengths Profile Introductory Profile (cost £10 excl. VAT) or the Expert Profile (cost £30 excl. VAT) on via Products Page. We recommend you complete the Expert Profile as it provides much more detail.

Assignment Instructions

Please upload your completed Purpose Discovery Worksheet.