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As part of your mentoring support from Innovate in Britain, iUK Academy (iUKA) provides online mentoring services to support you throughout your Start-up or Innovator visa journey.

From this online platform you have access to iUKA’s core online teaching modules on entrepreneurial learning and additional Advanced Modules delivered by industry experts specifically related to setting up your business in the UK. You’ll also have access to advice and support from experts and your peers through group discussion boards on the platform and a library of useful resources for you to refer to.

Our learning modules and presentations are designed specifically for those starting their businesses in the UK. The 8 core module programme is repeated three times a year for thLearning modules will be provided on a weekly basis as the programme starts up and will remain available for you to refer to when needed.

Each core entrepreneurship learning module will take the format of a live classroom presentation at the start of the week, followed by online resources and exercises to compliment your learning and finish with a live feedback/Q&A live session at the end of the week. There will also be a separate mid-week presentation from one of our industry expert partners each week.

Each live session will be repeated every quarter so you may join a session at a time that is convenient to you and relevant to your needs. Completion of each module is not a formal requirement of the Innovator visa but we encourage you to use all the resources available to support you, and records of participation can be used for your checkpoint compliance evidence packs. We also encourage you to use the platform to keep and update all your records of business progress during the three years.