What’s Next?

Before we begin, please complete the following:

  • Enter your details into your User Profile so your name and photo will appear in group discussions and messages. You can access your dashboard from any page by selecting the graduation cap icon on the top right of any page 

  • Add the live events to your calendar by selecting the Programme Calendar lesson and the “Click here to launch the calendar” button. Once the calendar is open you can view it either as a list or a monthly calendar (you can find the option on the top right of the calendar). On the bottom right of the calendar page you will see the option to add the events to your preferred personal calendar.

  • Bookmark your dashboard log in page to your device so you have quick and easy access to the programme whenever you need. You can also enter your dashboard quickly and easily from the iUK Academy website www.iukacademy.com and enter through the graduation cap icon on the top right corner of the page.